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How Many Snowmen Can You Build Today?

How Many Snowmen Can You Build Today?

It's a Snow Day! My children bounded out of bed, "Mom, can we play in the snow? We want to sled? Let's build a Snowman!" But, alas... it is STILL Snowing and it's coming down fast and deep. It's a bit early to start building snowmen... at least made with SNOW! Frankly, sitting in our living room, I feel as though I'm living inside a real live Snow Globe!

So, today we decided we ARE going to build Snowmen while we wait for the snow to stop to build one from real snow... using materials around the house, a bit of imagination, and some inspiration from Pinterest... we are going to build Snowmen ALL day long to see just how many we can make! 

Follow this post as we'll be adding more throughout the day and please join us in the challenge! We'd love to see YOUR creative ideas and homemade snowmen!

Snowman #1: Door Man (Top Photo)

We simply used Construction Paper to cut out eyes, a carrot nose, a stocking cap, and scarf. Then, using scotchtape loops, we taped him to our door.

Snowman #2: Banana Man

Slices of Banana, Raisins, Pretzel Sticks, and Cereal created this breakfast side dish:

Snowman made with Bananas

Snowman #3: Bagel Man

A Bagel with Cream Cheese, a Carrot Stick Nose, and Raisin eyes and smile make this healthy snow-themed breakfast!


Snowman #4: Playdough Man

We have a collection of playdough... including pure white and black (for snowman creating earlier this winter), but you can make homemade playdough and it will do the trick too! Introducing our Playdough Snowman...

Snowman #5: Traditional Construction Paper and Glitter Man

My daughter outlined a snowman in glue on construction paper, then she filled in the outlines with glue. Add some glitter, then construction paper decorations for buttons, scarf, eyes, and smile, and a cotton ball hill of snow and voila! A traditional art project kids love!

Snowman Craf

Snowman #6: Glitter & Glue Man

Materials: School glue, Wax Paper, Cookie Sheet, Glitter, Construction Paper, Scissors, and Hole Punch.

How To: Outline snow man in glue, fill in the glue for a solid glue snowman. Sprinkle glitter for personality. Add construction paper decorations. Let dry (will take 2-4 days). Then, peel off wax paper for a hardened glue snowman!

Snowman #7: Using REAL Snow

The kids made a "miniature" snowman with snow scooped up from outside (it's still coming down strong!). They made a face with raisins and candy corn, and arms with pretzel sticks.

Snowman #8: Snowman Cupcakes

We baked basic cupcakes, iced with white icings, and used candies from the cabinet to make snowman faces. I let each girl create her own design:

Snowman Cupcakes

Please, follow this post as we'll be adding more throughout the day and please join us in the challenge! We'd love to see YOUR creative ideas and homemade snowmen!

Ready set, let's get building!

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