Lara Krupicka

Face it, portable internet devices are here to stay, and our kids are fond of them. Screen time for kids becomes more palatable when we know they're learning something at the same time. Here are a few recommendations for both Android and Ap... Read more

Best of KC

During a short vacation, my children and I stopped for a candy factory tour. The girls weren’t impressed by the video and tram drive through the warehouse. They had expected to see the real thing. Read more


Clothes having to match. Toys arranged in neat rows. Outbursts over not being able to get a task right the first time. These behaviors can indicate to parents that they may have a perfectionist on their hands, for better or worse. Read more


10...9... 8. Across the globe the last seconds before midnight on December 31st draw people together to follow the tick of the clock. The collective countdown heightens our anticipation. It culminates our celebrations. And it anchors us in ... Read more

Winter in KC

There's nothing like the feeling of having the whole house clean all at once. But who has the time for such a consuming job? You can still enjoy the benefits of refreshment that come with a big cleaning by engaging in quick 15-minute tasks—... Read more