Tori Walker

You know it’s important. You know it needs to be done. You know it’s been on your to-do list for months or years. However, it doesn’t have a due date or a time limit. No one’s bugging you about it, so there’s no sense of urgency. Read more


Budgeting is simply “telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.” It is making a plan for your money, so YOU are controlling it, rather than its controlling you. Read more


On Sept. 25, I reminded family and friends we had exactly three months until Christmas. There were some positive reactions, but the first person I told responded, “Don’t remind me!” Other responses included “Ugh!”, “Oh, nooooo!”, anxiety, ... Read more

Christmas in KC

In today’s society, we are exposed to music almost constantly, whether it’s a movie soundtrack, music in a store, attending a concert, singing in the shower or just listening Read more


After losing 40 pounds unintentionally and having extreme fatigue, I completed a physical exam and lab work. Three days later, I was relieved to be feeling better. Then, the phone rang. Read more

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