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We all want our children (or grandchildren, nieces and nephews, etc.) to become intelligent and alert. Babies’ brains triple in size in the first two years! Here are some ideas to help your little one’s brain develop. Read more

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It’s been years, but I still remember the excitement I felt on the first day of piano camp. Read more


I’ve got schoolwork, cleaning, bills and talon-length toenails all waiting to be tended. But I can’t find my notebook, the Windex is gone, today’s bills are mixed in with last year’s and, of course, the toenail clippers haven’t been seen f... Read more


Nursing can be tough on us new moms. Something the pro-breastfeeding propaganda neglects to say is just how hard a nursing relationship can be at the beginning. Many issues arise in the course of breastfeeding. Here are some thoughts that h... Read more

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Celebrate National Coffee Month by expanding your family’s understanding of the drink that brings a unique sense of community to those who enjoy it. Whether you are habitual drinkers or not, there will always be more to learn about the hist... Read more

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Making the transition into a successful nursing relationship with your newborn can be tough. The physical strain, the tenuous emotional state post-delivery and the burden of providing sole nourishment for a tiny human being can be overwhelm... Read more

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Welcome to the limbo land of the last few weeks of pregnancy. Having nurtured your baby through the tumultuous first trimester, into the (comparatively) easy second and the increasingly impactful third, you’ve reached the great 37-week mile... Read more

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A family enjoys a two-day train trip vacation to Hermann, MO. They enjoyed local food, watched the Missouri River glide by under the scorching sun and toured a winery along with houses dating from the 1850s. Read more


Prenatal depression was once thought impossible. Doctors assumed that all the hormones surging through a pregnant woman’s body eliminated the possibility of depression. Postpartum depression has long been acknowledged, but prenatal depressi... Read more

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