Alyssa Klimeck

What happens when your child tells you he wants to quit an activity like piano lessons or soccer? The situation throws many an otherwise steady parent into a quandary. Read more


From birth, a child progresses at an individual pace on a continuum of sleep, moving from many hours of sleep to naps and then to only nighttime sleeping. A child’s sleep patterns change and develop just as fast as he does, and deciphering ... Read more


About 73 percent of kids and adolescents consume caffeine daily, according to a 2014 study published in Pediatrics. And although there have been studies to calculate the prevalence of caffeine consumption in our society, the long-term effec... Read more


Reusing baby gear can be a great way to save money when expecting a new baby, but buying a car seat at a garage sale, accepting an antique crib from a relative or using the high chair that Mom bought for your first child may not be safe for... Read more

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