Rachel Boese

In the summer of 2007 I began working full time in the admissions department of a local Kansas City-area foster care agency. In my role, I was one of many workers that spent their days calling homes and locating places for foster children t... Read more


Are you guilty of this? Most people who have interacted with a baby at some point have fallen into the trap of using a sing-song voice and cutesy “wittle” words. There is something hypnotic about snuggling a sweet baby that just opens wide ... Read more

KC Baby Magazine

Is it safe to eat deli meat? Can I get a pedicure? What if I want to color my hair? Will I hurt my baby if take a hot bath, keep up with my normal fitness routine, eat sushi or fly on an airplane? The list of worries expectant moms feel is... Read more

KC Baby Magazine

Because I have three young children, diapers are a hot topic of conversation in my world: what kind, how many and, most importantly, how much? If you assume a child goes through seven diapers a day (more as a newborn, fewer as a toddler) an... Read more

KC Baby Magazine

Just as it seems we are finally packing away the winter gear and saying good-bye to days stuck indoors due to the frigidness outside, spring blows in and brings us rainy days. Back inside, we hunker down and sadly wait out the weather once ... Read more

Spring in KC