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Crown Center

Skiing, ice skating, and hockey await this winter in KC. Read more

Winter in KC

If you are a diehard Kansas City sports fan, you know you can pick up some great souvenirs at the K, Arrowhead or Children’s Mercy Park. But if you are looking for a unique KC sports souvenir from a locally-owned company, here are some idea... Read more


Kansas City Sports Crossword Puzzle Read more

Best of KC

How well do you know Kansas City sports history? Take our quiz to find out! Read more

Best of KC

How well do you know KC Sports? Read more

Best of KC

The Kansas Speedway provides plenty of pre- and post-race entertainment, so it's a full day event. The area around the speedway becomes a mini-city! Racing flags, smoking grills, picnics and games create an electric atmosphere. Arrive 1-1 ½... Read more

Best of KC

Celebrate Kansas City's sports with fan-favorite statistics. Read more

Best of KC

Who wore the largest shoes in College Basketball History? What was the longest game the Kansas City Royals ever played? How fast did the fastest driver drive at the Kansas Speedway? Read more

Best of KC

Getting your children involved in sports is a wonderful way to combat a sedentary lifestyle and has so many other benefits, as well. But unfortunately, some kids are dealing with another epidemic: over-scheduling and too much pressure to pe... Read more


If you have a little boy in the house, you know that boys of all ages love anything with wheels…and the faster the better! NASCAR is a great family-friendly outing and with the Kansas Speedway is right in our backyard…why not give it a try? Read more

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