Claire Caterer

Stepping out of the doctor’s office, arms loaded with pamphlets and prescriptions, you feel a little shell-shocked. Your child has just been diagnosed with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). What do you do now? Read more


The nineteenth century boiled with action and intrigue. It’s a time period that saw a country ravaged by Civil War, Indian nations uprooted, a frontier built and the modern age emerge. You and your family can stand at the crossroads of all ... Read more

Best of KC

Age five is no magic milestone. Giving them a growth year may be a good idea—more time to mature and gain the skills needed for today’s kindergarten. Read more


Every Christmas season we're bombarded with extra: extra shopping, extra emails, louder music, more advertising. I'm exhausted before the holiday even arrives, and I find myself browsing bookstores for guides on creating a simpler holiday-s... Read more

Christmas in KC